We provide innovative, strategic and workable business solutions with the ability to implement being a key strength.
Business Consulting services include:
Merger and Acquisition Advice – we work with you closely from the beginning to the end of transaction and ensure deal closure.
Cash-management, Balance Sheet planning, Profitability, Cost control and projects to solve operational issues.
HR Consulting services include:
Managing Conflict.
Organizational design and restructuring.
It is said that the higher you go in the corporate world the lonelier it becomes. The CEO might need a bouncing board, to share challenges; a quick analysis of profitability numbers or an independent view on business and people. At a personal level he might want to reflect on shortcomings and reinvent himself.

There needs to be a person to whom the CEO can speak to without being apprehensive of being judged or be concerned that the conversation might show him in bad light or affect how others perceive him.

A professional who provides such services can be known as Advisor to CEO.
What skill sets must the Advisor posses?
The Advisor should be a strategic thinker, have expertise in more than one functional area, be experienced, mature, and calm with an understanding of the nuances of business. A good understanding of the human mind is essential. He need not be a specialist but must be exposed to various aspects of business. An easy and non-threatening style of communication helps. Being spiritually inclined makes an Advisor take a long term view. Keeping oneself abreast of national and international affairs gives you an understanding of the external environment.
Here are examples of how the Advisor can help?
One of the business divisions is perpetually short of cash. Inspite of internal efforts the CFO is unable to pin point why the division continues to drain cash. The Advisor can, as a representative of the CEO, analyse the problem and offer a solution.

Inspite of having agreed on a profit number in the annual budget meeting there is a risk of the target being derailed since two functional heads are working in a non synergized manner. The Advisor can work with them to iron out differences so that they work in tandem to achieve budgeted profits.

Work closely with the CEO to manage Board room dynamics.

The CEO and team are in negotiations with a joint venture partner or associate. While both parties are in hectic parleys the Advisor could observe and analyze the behavior of the partner and suggest appropriate negotiating strategy thereafter.

The CEO is torn between conflicting views of two functional heads on what is the best way to take on competition. He needs a bouncing board.

Disruptive Thinker – Someone who challenges status quo!
About the Advisor
Sanjeev is a multi faceted professional. During a corporate career spanning fourteen years he worked with Hindustan Unilever, ITC Group and Star TV as Chief Financial Officer. As a Business Consultant for over ten years, he offers M&A advice, consults in Finance & HR, conducts Cross cultural training for expatriates coming to work in India and has recently started Coaching.

Sanjeev’s experience and approach enable him to understand nuances of any business quickly and impact of management decisions on people, profits and external world. He is focused on workable solutions and is seamlessly mobile across functions. Sanjeev has delivered strategic change, operational excellence and financial innovation over the last 10 years of its existence; a fact widely recognised across industry and media alike.

As a freelance journalist, over thirty articles on government policy and national affairs were published in the Business Standard and Rediff.com amongst other publications. He follows national and international affairs closely and is founder of www.esamskriti.com, a site on Indian thought, culture and travel.

Sanjeev is a Chartered Accountant by education.