Second Innings
Most of us have certain goals, dreams and aspirations when we start our professional lives. Some of these are clear at the outset whilst others evolve along the way. They could take various forms for e.g. reaching a desired position professionally, continued professional growth/ development and financial security.

In today’s world things happen at a much faster pace than they did say ten years ago. A professional could achieve his first set of goals and then ask, What Next? Or an individual could be very successful but unhappy and living with a feeling of emptiness within.

The purpose of ‘Second Innings’ is to revisit your goals that enable you to realize potential, live a more fulfilling, balanced and happy life.

Who can Benefit?
Individuals who -
Want to reset their goals in life.
Have achieved their professional goals, financially secure and are also looking to do something more meaningful that makes their lives complete.
Want to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.
Are at crossroads due to conflicting choices.
Want to pursue their passion in a very different field.
Have sold their business and want to explore the future.
Key Thought
It is not our intent to take decisions on your behalf. Through a series of meaningful interactions we seek to provoke thought and provide you with perspectives that empower you to make a decision.
What is the process?
The steps involved are:
The first step is to look at the ‘Self’. Together we reflect on the past, understand the present and work towards creating a brighter future. We take a holistic view and understand all the circumstances that could influence the objective. In short, we take an integrated and synchronized approach. Personal issues are discussed to the extent they have a bearing on the final outcome.
An important part of this process is to help you become aware of yourself, in a deeper sense. Once that happens it should enable you to make the right choices.
There would normally be about 7-10 sessions of one hour each. Initial sessions might be longer than subsequent ones. The first few sessions would be done face to face or over Skype after which they would be done on phone.

Even after the coaching is complete you can, for a period of four months thereafter call to discuss how things are going.
What to expect from Coaching
Individuals can discover themselves and hidden potential, new perspectives and increased clarity-confidence towards carrying out their goals.
About the Coach
Sanjeev is a multi faceted professional. During a corporate career spanning fourteen years he worked with Hindustan Unilever, ITC Group and Star TV as Chief Financial Officer. By education he is a Chartered Accountant. A trip to Mount Kailash changed the course of his life. Today he dons various hats.

He consults on Finance & HR and conducts Cross cultural training for Expatriates who come to work in India. As a freelance journalist, over thirty articles were published in the Business Standard and amongst other publications. He is founder of, a site on Indian thought, culture and travel.

Sanjeev uses cumulative learning’s and experiences in his role as Coach. He is spiritual, practical; action oriented and tries to live life based on Dharma (righteousness). The ability to communicate in a style that puts the other person at ease is one of his strengths.